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Dars-e-Nizami | Darululoom Pakistan


Dars-e-Nizami is the basis of the syllabus of almost all religious seminaries of Indo-Pakistan. This system provides for the same basic books of knowledge and skills which were part of the old Dars-e-Nizami. Circumstances and temporal challenges, however, necessitate improvement and amendments. Almost 60 books of this syllabus of Dars-e-Nizami including Sarf, Nahw, Meaning, Rhetoric, Literature, Logic, Philosophy, Jurisprudence, Principles of Jurisprudence, Interpretation, Hadith and Principles of Hadith are part of the instruction in most of the religious seminaries. Jamia has introduced some useful and modern changes in the syllabus, incorporating some other skills which were earlier not part of the syllabus. Dars-e-Nizami has 6 stages (Mutawasta, Ama, Khasa, Aliya, Aalmiya, Thakhasus) spanning over a period of 15 years. Mutawasta Stage: РThis stage is spread over 5 years and admissions are given to primary passes students. This stage contains Islamiats, Persian, Seerat (Biography of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Islamic history and education up to class 10th. Last two years (9th & 10th) exams are conducted through Secondary Board Karachi and for these arrangements are made by Jamia̢??s Alberuni Model secondary school. Apart from this stage, all other stages consist of 2 years. Dars-e-Nizami with some amendments is taught in all these stages.